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Philaster Or Love Lies A-Bleeding


1579 John Fletcher was born in Rye, Sussex, England. His father was Richard Fletcher, Bishop of London.

1584 Francis Beaumont was born. He was the son of Sir Francis Beaumont of Grace-Dieu, Leicestershire, England.

1591 John Fletcher entered Benet College (now Corpus Christi,) Cambridge.

1597 Francis Beaumont entered Broadgates Hall (now Pembroke College), Oxford.

1598 Francis Beaumont`s father dies.

1598 Francis Beaumont left Broadgates Hall (now Pembroke College), Oxford University without a degree.

1600 Francis Beaumont became a member of the Inner Temple.

Approx 1604 John Fletcher produces The Faithful Friends possibly with Francis Beaumont. (Date is approximate.)

Approx 1605 Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher lived together near the Globe Theater in Southwark, England. (1605 - 1613)

Approx 1608 Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher produced Philaster or Love Lies A Bleeding in London about 1608.

Approx 1608 Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher produce The Maid`s Tragedy.

1609 John Fletcher produced Bonduca

1611 Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher produce A King and No King

1612 Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher produce Cupid`s Revenge

Approx 1612 Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher produce Four Plays, or Moral Representations in One: The Triumph of Honour, The Triumph of Love, The Triumph of Death, and The Triumph of Time (Approximate year.)

1613 Francis Beaumont gets married.

1613 John Fletcher produced The Two Noble Kinsmen with William Shakespeare.

1613 Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher produce The Masque of the Inner Temple and Gray`s Inn

1613 John Fletcher produces The Honest Man`s Fortune possibly with Francis Beaumont. Robert Daborne, Nathan Field, Massinger, and Cyril Tourneur have also been suggested as Fletcher`s possible collaborators.

1615 Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher produce The Scornful Lady

1616 Francis Beaumont passed away and was buried in Westminster Abbey.

Approx 1619 John Fletcher produced The Humorous Lieutenant, or Demetrius and Enanthe, or The Noble Enemy, or Generous Enemies (Approximate year.)

1619 John FLetcher produced The Island Princess, or The Generous Portugal

1621 John Fletcher produced The Wild Goose Chase (Approximate date.)

1624 John Fletcher produced Rule a Wife and Have a Wife

1625 John Fletcher passed away. He is buried at Southwark Cathedral.




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